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The Product Schools


New connected-environment integral design means thinking holistically about the process of design!

Expand horizons by adopting environment-oriented


AI-readiness and digital transformation are not soulless

As lines are blurring and business models, products, and services merge, The Product Schools’ consulting services purpose is to help companies and their people be AI-ready.

The Product Schools provides consulting and coaching services that help companies courageously stand out in their digital transformation journey by jumping out of a standard transformation path and leapfrogging into digital AI-readiness designs centred around people and the environment.

Integral Design Consulting Services

Coaching for Sustainable Performance

The Product Schools is going to....

The Technostarter Podcast

Listen to the full interview here.

In this episode we talked about Ruxandra's invention, Deliverability™, a coaching support tool centred around people and how people interact when working together in teams, driving a common purpose.


The Product Schools will be at the CogX Festival 2021 this year! Join us, global leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, artists, academics and activists – addressing the question “How do we get the next 10 years right?

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The integral design means that we support your business to-adopt-and-adapt-to an integral digital working perspective optimised to your core values.

We take inspiration from natural environments and ecosystems interactions focusing on the path of least resistance.


Digital adoption is disruptive. AI-change can be scary. AI-readiness and digital adoption are not soulless! Choose smart. Play together.

We design and coach for enhanced performance to scale-up, delivering an integral experience that connects the environment, the customers and the vision for AI with the people, processes, strategies, values and the soul of the business.

Companies working with us decide to differentiate by jumping out of a standard digital transformation system.

Accelerate your AI digital strategies adoption and solve digital problems from start-up to scale-up.


Our Integral Design Services solve company-level AI-readiness design and adoption problems connecting technology-people-processes.

We coach teams on working together to deliver high-performance in the digital world, focusing on cultivating the team soul quotient and monitoring its ACCORD Pulse®.

There are many possibilities to manifest your AI-digital vision

We help you to design

We help you to adopt and to adapt

Our integral services support companies walking with the digital change instead of pushing against the change.

We can start from a conversation or an idea designing a fresh AI-oriented digital vision and plan, optimise a single process or disentangle existing process and product complexities to establish you on the AI journey.

We set you off on an AI path introducing AI-ready concepts upfront or by exploring your current roadmap plans helping to design “everything-as-a-service” in integrity with the organisation and its environment.

Our high-performance coaching helps teams to deliver sustainable productivity.

Ruxandra brought in concepts that have become the catalysts for growth - re-designing our organisation for scalability, simplifying the portfolio structure and setting a new baseline for a collaborative organisational environment. The result is a resilient organisational design, that can withstand market uncertainties, also allowing us to innovate further.

Iulian Iuga, Chairman and Founder

Accesa IT Services

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designed processes



coaching hours

10 product start-ups

10 multi-nationals transformation

10 product scale-ups

Over 25 years of creating, connecting, changing and optimising designs

Delivered projects in 35 countries and cultures

OUR HANDS-ON EXPERTISE is bridged through facts, information, knowledge and creative ideas

We designed and implemented over 1,000 transformative processes and clocked over 1,000 hours of coaching. There are no isolated systems in nature – therefore, our integral design thinking naturally links the past experiences, the present need and the future trends to deliver a connected and environment-oriented integral digital story.

Work with us remotely – our experience includes over 20 years of cross-cultural remote working with distributed teams.

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