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The Product Schools



How do we engage

How do we work

Coaching Teams for High- Performance

Integral Design Consulting Services

  • Process mining
  • AI-ready connected customer experience CX
  • Digital optimisation UX
  • Digital innovation everywhere
  • Performance by design
  • Process Orchestration
  • Digital integration and MDM
  • IOT digital transformation
  • Pivot a product or service
  • Cloud product start-up design
  • Remove complications in an existing operational environment
  • Roles design and integration
  • Competence-driven performance management
  • Learning path to digital

How we help our customers


Needs analysis


Digital maps


2-options plans to choose

Learning path designed for people

Integral Design


Values and Culture Alignment

Problems detailing - real need

Priorities scorecard

Roles evaluation

What value do you receive from us

  • Digital AI-ready design and transformation is not only about technology. It is about the way we think about using technology.
  • To be successful together, open-mindedness is needed to embrace doing old and new things in new ways.
  • Courage is also needed. When using new concepts to change established ways, you can discover new digital products and new business models that change the world.
  • AI-readiness is an integral journey that maps new patterns connecting sciences, organisation development and organisational governance.
  • Centrally to this journey are the people. Never forget the soul of the teams that will continue to work after our consulting services reach their conclusion.

The premises for Integral Design success

We need to work with your specialists to gauge the cultural environment and understand the current product processes, vision, tools, practices, rules, roadmap, constraints, purpose, desires, intents, passions,, roles,  objectives and what good looks like from multiple perspectives.


Working together

We believe each company's culture is unique, therefore the design process will always have cultural check-in points for identity, strictly no copy/paste tactics.

Integral Design Consulting Services

Digital change and AI-adoption is not soulless!

Using the latest design tools and no/low-code prototyping techniques, we evaluate and create your “AI-Ready Design Version 1” that is serving your defined needs.  

The Integral Design approach considers a complete view of need evaluation and problem framing, evaluating the step-by-step user experience (UX), the end-to-end customer experience (CX) and the sum of all digital intersected experiences (DX) including your people.

It aligns the design options with the culture of the organisation, organisational ecosystem and the natural environment touched by the design. It ensures the values are embodied and delivered in the output, together with the learning and development paths and programmes for the people working in the new digital world .

Processes are foundational to how you achieve your objective. Critical to the digitalisation journey is to identify what to measure, to have a meaning and a value that can be measured.

Coaching Teams for High-Performance with


Have you ever asked your colleagues how do they want to change the world? What if everyone can become a player conscious of the interaction interconnection patterns in a project team?  

Picture your imagination fired up by all the possibilities available to solve your project problems without people conflicts, delays, overrunning costs, or undefined scope. Now transform those possibilities into realisation probabilities!

A project has now a projected Deliverability® index, while large programmes have a regular Pulse where the teams Play-Well Together™

The premises for High-Performance Coaching  success

  • High-performance is about the way we think about how a team interacts and what the project structure is.
  • To be successful, we need open-mindedness to embrace doing new things in new ways.
  • Courage to learn is also needed. Trust in the process of self-discovery is mandatory.
  • Never forget the soul of the teams that will continue to work after our consulting services reach their conclusion.
  • You want your team to say at all time "I can't believe I am paid to be me!"

Using our proprietary registered trademark ACCORD Pulse®, leaders visualise how people in a team are enabled-to-deliver, depending on the issue complexity and urgency, maintaining the focus on the common purpose.

A team will identify, understand and act on the understanding rather than assume, blame or expect.

How we help our customers

Use the output of ACCORD Pulse® to create a company-wide sustainable performance map, to develop leaders with executive presence and identify learning and development strategies that bridge people growth with the business growth.

Use the output of ACCORD Pulse® to objectively understand your ability to deliver any project or plan.

Develop and nurture teams that have a high degree of sustainable  Deliverability®

In-person, in different locations and cultures, managers can now learn how to understand the projects patterns from the collaborators' perspective rather than the traditional critical path.

Leaders don't thrive in isolation.

We need to partner with everyone in the team. We will most likely come across different understandings of the current processes, culture, values, tools, practices, rules, constraints, purpose, desires, intents, passions, objectives and what good looks like from multiple perspectives.


Working together

We need to understand a specific project business objective, so we can coach the them through the interactions and how to consistently deliver on all commitments.

Our vision is that in a team, we can all Play-Well Together and achieve sustainable high-performance.

Understanding a plan play pattern, people, teams, and organisation can transform and free up space for exploration, passions and, ultimately, sustainable growth.

A project has now a Pulse heatmap that provides an indicator for the state of the team and the interactions between people

The Technostarter Podcast with Irenia  Roussel (https://ireniaroussel.org/)

Listen to the full interview here

"Happy to be in conversation with Ruxandra Dariescu a technosavvy woman beaming in from the United Kingdom [...] She teaches, coaches or leads with the same amount of passion. The work she has done resulted in launching 9 different applications, transforming 200 software products, and designing the scaling-up strategies of various organisations. She is a certified "Impacting Leaders Coach".

We follow the 4D + 1   PROPRIETARY ADAPTED APPROACH on all digital transformation projects.

Purpose? To help companies leapfrog into the integral digital era and deliver sustainable productivity.


1. Discover the nature of the problem and each unique situation, need or requirement works and fits in the integral environment picture

2. Design what works for every unique environment and culture to achieve their vision

3. Develop integral concepts, plans and actions required to achieve the desired vision

4. Deliver the support to succeed on a journey of transforming minds




train and coach



Project objective - total value

Retainer agreement

Pay-as-you go packages flexibility for coaching services



Book a no-obligation for 1h free  exploratory informal conversation about a problem, a need, an idea. We both explore if we can work together, if our principles match. We will want to focus on the questions "what" and "why". Simply book a session via the link provided from Calendly  - we suggest using GoogleMeet or Zoom. Book here!

Work with us remotely – our experience includes over 20 years of cross-cultural remote working with distributed teams.

"Throughout our collaboration, I appreciated the knowledge, the experience in designing an integral scale-up model and the creativity, which have only been enriched by her empathic and caring approach."

Iulian Iuga, Chairman and Founder

Accesa IT Services

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Coaching - The Software Report - The Top 25 Women Leaders in Software of Europe for 2021

Marius Florea


"Through coaching sessions, Ruxandra's guidance has helped me find solutions with clarity, maintain our defined direction and performance, and navigate complex relationships.

When you work with Ruxandra as your coach, you know she partners with you to succeed."